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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Tamil Dubbed DvD Rip 700Mb [Updated]




Edizione: 2012. Language: Italian. English. Runtime: 90 min. Cast: John Turturro, Dania Gill, William H. Macy. The crazy sequel to the Ice Age movies will put your other pets, the squirrels, in the spotlight. Will Manny (John Turturro) be able to get the whole family out of the cave? RUNTIME: 90 min. This version has both Indian English subtitles and English dub. However the dubbed version has poor dubbing, making the movie sound awfully unpleasant. The video is encoded with DivX/Xvid, the audio with MP3. The video is tagged with Lame but it does not affect the quality. This might actually be a good thing, though. Make sure you are connected to the internet (you don't need to download anything) when you watch the video. If you don't, the video will probably fail. The video is compressed with Xvid. This is a good thing, as the video quality should be better than what we were used to with DivX/Xvid, if you look at the thumbnails. The video is high-quality video and should play well on most players. I tested the video in Windows Media Player and VLC, and they both played fine. The audio is MP3 and is good enough for listening purposes. INFO: I have not tested the video with other players. I would also appreciate a link to a video file if you can find it. IMPORTANT! This is a made-for-TTP release. It is intended for use with TTP's media server and players. Link removed: (Here you can download a working version of the media server) (Here you can download a version of the media server that is different from what we provided in the installer) INFO: We provide a working version of the server in the installer. Please use that version for the rest of this release. As usual, the thumbnail is not embedded in the thumbnail page. Please open the page in another tab or window and click the




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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Tamil Dubbed DvD Rip 700Mb [Updated]

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