Experience His Presence and Love


Christ International Church (CIC) is committed to raising Christ ambassadors that are dedicated to helping people to connect with God and experience the everlasting love of Christ.


While pastoring a local Church and working as a director of an International Bank, Solomon Osoko, the Senior Pastor of CIC had a vision that left a great burden upon him.
In his dream, he saw a long queue of sad and disabled people moving slowly and painfully towards a thick and scary gigantic wall. As the people on the line hit the front of the wall, they jumped inside a bottomless swimming pool at the front of it. Then it struck him that the people in this sad queue have lost all hope and were merely moving towards the bottomless pool to put an end to their lives.  

One particular pathetic looking lady with her upper body joined to the lower path with a tiny string sized flesh caught his attention as she moved towards him. He jumped away to escape from her.

Just then he heard a loud voice, “Why are you running away from the people I sent you to?”

He felt so sad and pulled out the entire money in his pocket to give to the lady. He was turning away to flee when he heard the same voice spoke again,  “Your money will last just a while but their pains will still remain. Behold, I have sent you to deliver these people from their pains and bondage and have equipped you.” 
That vision was the beginning of Christ International Church which was founded with the help of twelve adults and their children on the 14th of March, 2004

The Church has grown to have campuses in Bern and Basel (closed and to be re-opened).

Our Bible School (Christ Int. Bible School) has since produced sets of graduates.

Christ International Church as a matter of importance organizes a yearly “Healing and Deliverance” conference with other regular programs that offer supernatural intervention to human needs in her stand as a beacon of hope to all people. The ministry- passionately committed to transforming lives and reforming nations – also focuses on turning every member to a Christ ambassador in the marketplace.


As a non-denominational body of Christ, the Church offers you an environment for a life-changing experience with God with the possibility of enjoying a community life within networks of small groups. 

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