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Your Miracle is the Next!


All things are possible for him who believes (Mark 9:23)


You also have the opportunity to witness the power of God in your situation by attending our:


• YearlyMiracle Convention(every September)

• MonthlyMiracle Meetings(every last Friday of the month)

• WeeklySunday Services(attend prayer meetings during and after service)

• Ministry and Cell Meetings(seek prayer of faith during meeting)

• DailyPrayer and Counselling(see contact page /visit Prayer request and dial relevant numbers)


God is still answering prayers today.


In an Outreach Event, Pastor Sola prayed for an Amateur Boxer whose hand was hurting.

The man looked suddenly surprised to his friends because all the pain was gone.

God healed his hand instantly! This and many healings took place today. join the outreach group!



Two years ago, I went through a difficult time, my marriage broke apart and I had to sleep in a hostel. I felt hopeless and thought nothing is worth living for anymore. Everything just lost its meaning. Then on a Sunday morning, I went for a stroll till the major road crossing.

Then I went further and found myself standing in front of this church. I was curious and went up the steps only to hear that the service was already on. I had no courage to enter the door. But suddenly the door opened and a man – who seemed not surprised to see me in front of the door – welcomed and asked me to come in. That was how I came to this church. I am convinced that God sent this man to see if somebody stood in front of the door. From that time on, my life improved. Some members started assisting me in my faith walk immediately. When I look back, I can tell that these past years were the best years in my life, because God gave it a meaning! 


The year 2016 was a great year. As I got very sick once,  I discovered African Gospel, although I didn’t know any African or Africa country. The Gospel helped me through my difficult time and I asked God to give me an African woman as wife. I needed a close person who could help me to understand more about that gospel and its background. That was how I met my beloved wife, Feven. God had used her and Christ Int. Church to help me receive unbelievable healings in body and soul. We ended up getting married this year. I am so grateful to God for her. Bernhard



After I lost my husband, I wished to find another good man. But I knew it was not going to be that easy. I waited and I prayed as I mourned for years. I thank God that brought me and Bernhard together. I thank God for giving me Bernhard! Feven



Once during the message, Ps. Solomon suddenly paused and said, that “somebody is getting healed of back pain” that moment. My back turned very hot and the chronic back pain that I had for many years, vanished. Since then, I have been free! I give God all the glory. 



Since 3 years I have had pain all over my body – legs, back etc. After a message, we were all called out for healing. I stepped out in faith and prayer of healing was offered for me.

The pain began to vanish immediately. My 3 years old pain disappeared same moment and I could now move my body without pain again. Thank you, Jesus Christ. 



I had a clavus under my foot, and I could not walk normally.  I have tried different things to remove it, but it always came back. After the prayer of healing in the service, I could step on the foot normally again. I have no pain anymore! I thank you, Lord. 



Since some time, I had terrible pain in my lower back, as soon as I bend down, it was like knives in my back and some spinal discs get blocked. I have a small daughter I have to carry, so I always have back pain. On the CTF 2016 I got prayed for and my back was healed immediately. Now I can bend again without any pain or limitation. Thanks be to God. 



The visiting minister- Pastor Emmanuel Iniama preached against fear that one doesn’t need to be afraid of a heart attack by chest pain. Since some time, I experienced an indescribable strong fear that overwhelmed me and additionally I got chest pain. Though a check-up in the hospital claimed everything was in order. I nonetheless experienced every evening a strong fear, as if I will not wake up in the morning again. After the prayer, the fear immediately left me. What a great feeling. Even when I go to bed now, I am no more afraid not to wake up again. Thank you, Jesus, you also take our fears away! 


FRESH BREEZE OF LOVE - CTF 2016. Annelies R.

I have experienced a lot in life, also much negative. What was left was my wish to be loved. As we were invited for prayer at the CTF conference 2016, I asked God in my heart, to give me that love. As the pastor prayed for me, I felt the love of God in a way; I have never felt it before. It was so strong and penetrating that it overwhelmed me. I was so happy that God answered my prayer immediately and I know now how much God loves me! Whatever one experiences with humans, just know, there is somebody -Jesus Christ – who has an unbelievable, deep and true love for us.  Annelies R.



For 3 years I had a numbing pain in my cervical disc and could only turn my head with pain.
For that, I had to take strong medication. In CTF 2016 I was prayed for and my neck got healed! Now I can turn my head without pain again! Thanks be to God. 



I sought the Lord for intervention last Sunday in my attempt to sell a property which had proven to be difficult. On the Monday after, two buyers bought the property by sending money for it into my account! Now I even have to refund one. 


HEALED OF BACK PAIN. Hochstrasser S.

I had serious back pain but I still forced myself to attend the Sunday morning service. The pastor invited me for no reason to sit beside him in the front row. My pain got instantly healed. I praise the name of the Lord forever more. Shout Hallelujah!



Somebody I testified to many years ago, I met in the CTF. He told me that he never forgot my testimony and it ministered to him till he gave his life to Christ. Always share your testimony with other people! 



I was paralysed by a great pain in my body that resulted in a complete weakness in my body.

I found out that suddenly, I can not move any part of my body and just stared at my two babies waiting for me to take care of them. I kept praying in my spirit for God to save my life. God soon gave my strength to crawl down the steps to be able to pick my phone and call out for help. After I called for help, my body started regaining energy and by God’s grace, I have completely regained my strength today. Do not wait for days of trouble before you have a relationship with God. Seek Him today and He will forever be with you. 



When the Senior Pastor, in a visit to our CIC Bern branch called out for healing line, I was one of those who ran first to the front. After the prayer, I had to rush out to the toilet where for the first time I was able to empty my bowel without any pain for the first time in many years. Before the prayer, I had great pain every time I went to the toilet- so close to birth giving pain. Every medical attempt had failed. I thank God for healing. Glory be to His name. Since that day, it has become a pleasure for me again to visit the toilets. 


AIDS DISGRACED.  Olise Filomena (ChiChi)

I was an hopeless girl painfully suffering from being HIV positive.My pastor (Pastor Austin) introduced me to our Senior Pastor on his visit to CIC Bern who prayed for me that God will terminate the plague of AIDS in my life. Today, I have gone to hospital twice for test and confirmation and I have a certificate proof that I am completely healed. I am now HIV negative.

I am freed to live and serve the Lord. 


FREE OF PAIN.  Howards

I had pain on my foot, upper arm and in the shoulders – after an altar call by Pastor, who said, that God wanted to heal now, I went forward to receive prayer and the pain instantly disappeared. I praise God for His mercies. 



God gave me peace and calmness in the heart. Because my first set of customers are no more in need of my support service, I have to face the challenge of having an insufficient salary and limited job. Despite this situation, I have peace (and no fear of future and existence) in my heart. God blessed me richly beyond my expectation in my business. He is forever faithful.  



My eldest son was plagued with cancer and as if this was not bad enough, my last son developed a similar predicament and could only be fed through a tube in the stomach. Two children with cancer in one family was too much for us to bear and medicine offered little hope. We attended service in CIC Bern and our Pastor agreed with us in prayer, that was the end of the cancer plague in my family. My last son now eats normally and does not need a tube! 



I Stopped alcohol abuse. I have always wanted to stop excessive use of alcohol for a long time. Recently after an indisposition, because of drinking sparkling wine, I was able to stop completely with drinking alcohol. It was so even easier than expected. I believe all the prayers offered for me by friends and Church have helped me. With God, all things are possible. 



My house agents took wrongly lots of money from me when I changed my apartment. I left the case in the hand of the Lord in church prayer intercessions. Following a change of management of the apartment, I was called back to receive all the money wrongly taken from me with an apology from the Landowner. God is surely God of restoration. I praise His mighty name. 



I have anxiety, which troubled me. Voices, which I heard again and again. I spoke with God about that. He said to me, that in spite of everything, I am loved in all situations, either I think I deserve it or not. I was deeply touched and since this moment, I have been freed from every feeling of condemnation. 



No accident. I just found out, that my uncle, many decades ago, was a missionary to Nigeria. And today, I am married to a man from Nigeria. The Bible is truly the truth and whatever a man sows, he should expect once to reap. Lady Ursula


HEALED OF AIDS.  Family Obiekie

Healed of HIV. My husband and I started attending CIC early 2010 when we found out we were HIV positive. Our pastor assured us that in the church, God heals HIV easily. The senior pastor also prophesied on my husband and me while at the front of the Church that God was healing us and that the healing will be rapid as we continue to wholeheartedly serve the Lord. Because the prophecy came before we narrated our situation to him, we secured great encouragement to serve the Lord. This month of December 2011, my husband and I are certified AIDS free. We are now HIV negative. Praise be to the Lord. 


FREED OF PAINS.  Jeannette R.

Freed of different pains. I had pains in my head and stomach since about 10 years and had arthrosis in my knees, but after our prayer during CTF I am free, praise the Lord. ​



3 years ago I had a dream, in which I was bitten in my left leg. Since then I had exactly at this spot pains, but I received healing during our CTF. 



Pain on hip is gone. One year I suffered from pains in my hips and could not turn around. Since the prayer at the CTF I received deliverance and I am free of pains. Fadiora J.



Can move leg pain free again.  Margreth R.
Since my accident in 2002 I always had pains at my left knee and right thigh and after prayer during CTF I can hunker down again. 


Itching gone. Susanne G.

Since almost 31 years I do suffer from itching at two finger of each hand and have to scratch them again and again. Since the prayer during CTF I can experience freedom from the scratches. 


Freed from fear of evangelizing. Shade E.
I had a dream where I preached in a bus, but after this they put me in prison. Since this dream I was always in fear to go to prison because I preach about Christ and what would happen to my kids in this time. During the CTF, I heard the invited Evangelist said that he remained save in Nigeria in the Moslem area, where they were slaughtering the Christians as he had to pass by. Since then I know that Jesus can save us, no matter what circumstances we face in our lives. I have since returned to evangelizing again!  


Longstanding leg pain gone. Kenny O.
9 years ago I had an operation on my leg and the pains did never stop . Since our CTF-prayer-time my leg is totally healed. Halleluja. 


Free of infection. Vincent O.

Some weeks ago an infection started in my left hand and during the CTF prayer I could receive deliverance and received my healing. 


Freed from devilish suppression. Jackson M.

Long time I did not recognize that evel was missusing me. I selpt during services and seminars, even my Pastor told me again and again that I have to pray and fasten, but it was not working that time. One day, I woke up and started to call on the Lord and I wanted to know what is all this in my life. My mother went during this time to a warlock but she received only the answer that her son is too prayerful, he can’t do anything at the moment. But now I am free, the Lord brought me into his light. 


Old emotional wound got healed. Susanne G.
With 5 ½ I lost my mother and was deeply hurt as if somebody hit an ax into my heart. I wanted to be strong from now on and replaced the mother in the house. My father started to drink more and more till he even neglected the household and us children. I had in young age a boyfriend and moved in by him. After years he spent more and more money for drugs and I left him again. Later I married a man, with whom I experienced a lot of physical violence and domestic abuse. I found out that he was abused by his own mother and it finally led to our divorce. At CTF 2010, I could receive my healing through the prayer of Pastor Austin. God removed this ax from my heart and at the same time also all the distrust against male authorities. The entire honor belongs to our Lord. Thanks so much Jesus. 



Healing of stomach pain.  Lola Oladimeji
Since 04.2009 I did suffer from stomach pains, even after several tests of the doctor, he could not find anything with me. Two months later the doctor found a disease in my stomach and gave me medicaments for it and the pains disappear during the day. In the nights, when I was laying on my stomach the pain starts again. At the CTF conference I got healed from all of my pains of the stomach – Praise the Lord!



New Job. Vincent
At the conference CTF our pastor Solomon called to put all the thing towards heaven in prayer to proclaim for a miracle, like our mobile, note-book, calendar, etc.. I did it as well and put my Mobile up and prayed in faith that I will receive very soon a call for work. It happened that already on Tuesday morning, when I was ready to leave the house for german school, I received a telefon call and they wanted me to be this morning already to start working for them. AMEN. 


Healing of flue. Robert
The first evening at our conference CTF I had a strong cold and as they called people forward for healing, I rememberd the verse in the Bible that Jesus did it all for me as well. So I did not go in front and prayed at my seat for healing in faith and received my healing the same evening. All the honour to God.


Healing of cancer in the kidneys. Emilly
My son-in-law suffered from serious cancer (kidneys) and all the doctors gave up, as a hopeless case. Nobody knows about a solution any more. I was always praying for him believing that Jesus is the only possibility to get him healed. Today, I stand to testify that my son-in-law is completely healed of cancer. Glory to God ! 


Madness is over. Fadiora
I was concerned about a sister friend whose daughter was inflicted with madness on visiting her country for a short holiday and invited her and daughter to the healing seminar (CTF2010.) She came forward for prayer and according to the prayer of man of God, she was healed instantly. Following morning, the mother phoned me to testify that her daugher spoke clear and logically for the first time in years, asking to be forgiven for any type of dissapointment she might have subjected her to in the past.


I was invited to a Barbecue by my friend from CIC Bern because my baby stopped moving for over two weeks and my doctor invited me for abortion for the following week. That was necessary especially because I was HIV positive. As soon as we arrived where the Church was having barbecue, my baby started kicking and moving. We shared this development with Pastor Solomon who also prayed for my healing and that of my husband who was not around that day. To God’s glory, I have safely delivered my baby boy, strong and healthy and HIV free. My husband and I have been healed of HIV also.We are certified freed (HIV negative) praise to the Lord.




Special healing for my father. Frau Meier
During The Catch Fire 2009, my father was lying critically in hospital and it seems every hope was lost. I ran to my Pastor and told him about the situation and that afternoon they came to the hospital to pray for him. My father is already old and not a believer but I trust God for healing, so that afternoon after praying for him, God proved himself as his condition improved tremendously, the doctors could not believe it because they thought it was his last moment on earth. Today to the His Glory my father health is improving day by day and I know that God will perfect and heal him completely in Jesus Name. 


Deliverance. Sade Echem
Catch the Fire 2009 was peculiar and I was specially delivered from the powers of the enemy. I used to have trouble nightmare every night and I do not know the reasons.

I have not asked any body or try to know why, what I used to do was to pray always seriously after such attacks. God decided to deliver me during this years catch The Fire Crusade. It was during ministration, there was not even yet Alter call and the power of the Lord descended on me. The man of God of on this particular day did something special, he laid his hand on my head and started praying for me and then he told me that  I used to have nightmares and even told the cause. After the prayer I felt a big load was taken off my body. I felt entirely a new person, I was totally weak but I know something has really happened in my life.
Today, I can lie down and sleep without any nightmare again. 


God touched my business. Raymond O
God is doing wonders! I have a fast food restaurant that is at verge of collapse. During The Catch Fire 2009, the man of God prayed for my business and told me what to do. I did it immediately, behold things start to change rapidly, the business start to improve, things I could not really explain, we started to have more customers unlike before. Just after few weeks were are planning to open another branch. Please help me to thanks God! It is His doing and to Him alone will be the glory for ever. Amen. 


Chronic stomach pain healed. O. Idowu
Since the night I dreamt of a snake entering inside me, I started witnessing serious pain from my abdominal region to the womb. The pain was so severe that no medicine can stop it. My doctor decided that the solution is to cut off my womb but since I am a young woman yet to marry and have baby, this solution would only become a lifetime oppression for me. God delivered me from my dilemma when I visited this Church service where I was prayed for. Today, I am completely healed and painless. I give Jesus all the glory for doing what my doctor wrote off as impossible.


Restless feet syndrome healed. E. Diana
I have a restless feet syndrome that the doctors and other specialists’ have claimed to be incurable after years of treatment. After a prayer session at Tuesday “Miracle Meeting”, I got completely healed.


Migraine Gone. A. Cornelia
I got chronic migraine and back pain for many years. I came to CIC healing and Miracles convention and got healed completely same day.


Chronic tiredness. T. Eppler
I am completely healed. No more limitation or hindrance. Praise to the Lord.


Stomach pain disappeared.  Edeni Layade I.
Every trace of years of stomach pain disappeared completely.


Chronic Pain healed. Nreiai P
Many years of chronic back pain came to immediate end today. That Jesus can heal me a Muslim in my first day in Church is truly a miracle!


Delivered of Schleuder trauma. Nreiai Mrika
I am completely healed during this service.


Epilepsies Healed.Ryke
I suffered paralysis and convulsion from birth. As a mother it was a disgraceful terrible situation. I am set free at the H&M 2007. I am free!

Hearing recovered and foot miraculously grew up. R. Luescher
I lost my hearing for long and limp painfully on my feet for many years. At the Healing and miracles convention, I got back my hearing and my short foot grew up to meet the other. I walk now upright and feel no pain. People tell me I am taller than before even in my old age. Praise the Lord!


After seven years continuous flow of blood, I was introduced to this Church by a friend who was too sure I would be healed. The Pastor saw a vision of the root of my problem and immediately after the prayer, I got instantly healed. Glory be to the Lord!


My doctor’s appointment for an operation was in a week and he told me he could not assure me if I could walk well after the operation. I decided to trust the Lord for my healing and used the occasion of my pastor and wife’s visit to pray for my healing. I noticed I do not need to hold my husband to walk as we saw the pastor off. God healed me completely and he took every pain away.



The doctors claimed I cannot deliver a baby anymore but the Church prayed with me.

Today, I have delivered the baby boy medical science says it is not possible.


Permit recovered.  Gary. O
I was shocked to receive a letter from Foreign Police to leave the country just for applying for my family to come in and live with me. In fact, the policewoman on the case vowed that unless she is dead or transferred, I must never hope to stay in the country. Pastor Solomon prayed with me and prophesized that instead of leaving that my wife and kids shall be permitted to join me. Praise the Lord, the policewoman had been transferred and my case has been overturned.

My family also has been granted permission to join and live with me. 



Delivered from examination fever. G. Anita
All my life till now I have always had “exam fever”. I have always been nervous whenever I am to sit for any examination but this time before this very exam I prayed to GOD for boldness and courage. Not only was I bold and the most outspoken in the oral part of the test, but my examination result also came out a few days ago and I passed the exam to the Glory of GOD.


Delivered from a panic attack. Regula 
As a Swiss woman, I normally have fear attack an anytime I visit Nigeria with my husband. In my last trip, The same thing happened. This time around, I witnessed horrible manifestations of demons that I never believed existed. I became so weak that I decided to phone my ministry leader back in Switzerland. We prayed together through the phone. GOD truly gave me victory and I remained in this realm of victory throughout my stay in Nigeria until I returned back to Switzerland. It is good to have a prayer partner whom you can pray with no matter where you are or situation. I thank GOD for everything.



Our Christmas was a wonderful one as we decided to use it to do something for our God and came to Church to pick some tracts to share to people. As we were about to complete our outreach, we came across an old woman who has fell unconscious on the road without anyone caring for her. We helped her up and called ambulance to take her to hospital. We sat there till the woman regained consciousness. Though she was not a believer, she told us she prayed to God to send her angels as she fell down and glide into unconsciousness. It was a great opportunity for us to testify of Jesus love on a Christmas day.


DEBT FREE. Echem Sade
I was indebted to an extent that I used to wonder if I can ever pay it back. The pastor in a normal service asked us to boldly receive answers to our needs as we jointly prayed to the Lord. I prayed to GOD to help me pay my debts. To GOD be the glory I am totally debt free. 


My son became an alcoholic and left home to the street. The man of God prayed with me and now my son is back home. Glory be to God. 


I am glad I prayed for my mother when the whole Church prayed for souls. She has now given her life to Jesus Christ. We are now complete soldiers in my home. Thanks be to God. 



I was believing God for a place to work in the IT department. To GOD be the glory He gave me a favour before my boss and I am working now in our company’s Informatics department.


I requested prayer for a man I knew paralyzed in the hospital in our ministry meeting. Though the doctors have given up on him but after I listened to the pastor’s message on healing, I took the step of faith forward in front of the church and the pastor asked the congregation to pray, using me as a point of contact for this man’s healing. Four days after I went to the hospital and I saw the man walking I could not hold myself. Thanks be to GOD. 


I have been jobless for some time now, I applied for a job by Swisscom and I was told I did not fulfill their requirements. While prayers were going on at the Leadership Camp, I received a call that I have been granted the position and the company will pay for my training and hotel accommodation. I am not the most qualified but I am the most connected. I am heavenly connected, praise to the Lord! Austin I. (
CiC HQ Baden).


I requested for prayers with other brethren before my driving test. Though I made some blunders through nervousness, God granted me 
favor with the expert. Even the expert gave me comfort till I regained my composure. Yes, I passed. I can now drive! 


We sent money to Africa and it got missingsince five months. Last week in a prayer with my pastor, he prophetically decreed that all my lost resources would be restored. Glory be to Jesus. A week after, I received a letter from western union that we should come and pickup the lost money. All glory to Jesus.


As a newly pensioned man, my dream of enjoying freedom collapsed when my dentist told me he had to pull out all my teeth which were damaged beyond repairs. In my pain, I prayed to God during mid-week prayer evening to intervene. God replaced my dental system completely that my dentist almost went crazy with unbelief. He has been my dentist for over 20 years and he confirmed that I have new sets of dental system that belongs to a youth age. Glory be to the Lord.


FAMILY BLESSED. Thomson Joseph
I came to this Church being without work for a long time. Now, God has granted me work. My wife has also found work. Even my father in law that had a weak chance of finding work in his old age is now gainfully employed. Glory be to God.


I felt very weak and depressed. My entire body was uncomfortable for the whole week. During our ministry meeting, I invited some brothers to pray with me. Surprisingly that night, I woke up to see smelly discharge coming out of my nose, ears and mouth. These purses were so thick and smelly. I woke up the second day fully healthy and strong. Praise be to the Lord!

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