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Creating excellent legacies.

Christ Int. Bible School (CIBS)

CIBS is committed to advancing excellent scholarship through a practical hands-on training emphasizing instruction, demonstration and impartation.

Our curriculum is biblically based, Holy Spirit anointed and life transforming.

Need the next step?

Life is a continuous experience in growth.

Let us help you in taking the next leap of faith in your spiritual growth.

Let's catch up and talk.

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The school is offering various specialised "Faith" courses in our various campuses.

Contact Campus leaders to secure relevant information in order to benefit from various on-going programs.​


  • 1 Year:   Diploma in Theology

  • 2 Years:  Higher Diploma in Theology and Leadership

  • 3 Years:  Associate in Theology (A.Theo)

  • 3 Years:  Bachelor in Theology (B.Theo)


A) Full Time (Practical) Admission has begun. Register today!


Available and recommended for Foreign Students


B) Part Time (Flexible) Admission has begun. Register today!


Available Every Saturday (Sept till June)


C) Part Time (Fixed)     Admission has begun. Register today!


Available 2X3 weeks (practical, written papers, self study etc.)


D) Distance Learning Study (Correspondence Courses).


Not Available at the moment.


This school is recommended for all believers aspiring to do exploits in life. This course will re-position with the fresh revelation that is meant to bring great transformation in your life. Your faith will surely move from an ordinary to an extraordinary height.

Aims: To equip participants with theories and practical tools to become a change agent and reformer for their society.Attendance: Every student must physically attend class, complete all assignments and make the presentation of a reformer of choice at a class gathering with aids of PowerPoint and other prop-ups.



The vision of the School of Ministry (SOM) is to fasten the spiritual maturity of participants' and adequately equip them for ministry.



- Special offer from our School of Ministry!


So you really want to learn more in your quest for spiritual maturity within a short time?

This is it!

Come and participate in a one-week power-packed program that will set you on a journey of transformation and manifestation.

The whole creature is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Come and be transformed with fresh knowledge.

Nothing provokes fresh manifestation like new revelation.  Register today!


The Jewish and the Christian traditions have always been built on the study of God from the Bible. Our faculty of theology, following this culture, is devoted to in-depth study of the character and attributes of God, His laws and government and other biblical doctrines. We offer various courses and hands-on training for people preparing for ministry or simply pursuing research in any of the specialized fields of theology we cover.


The goals and objectives of Faculty of Theology include to:
• Provide God-fearing and people serving Christian leadership for the church and the wider society.
• Promote efficient and effective training in areas of Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Theological Ethics, History of Church, Pastoral Theology and other relevant areas of studies.


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