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How to Wait Upon The Lord

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Before you can soar, you first need to walk and run. Flying is a supernatural act God helps you to achieve after you have completed your part of waiting upon the Lord.

How to wait Upon The Lord
Soaring Like an eagle

Success simply does not come by accident. For you to enjoy a divinely enabled flight, you first need to prevail over the mundane fight of walking and running in faith.

God will play His part only when you have played your human part.

The wind of God’s power is ever available to carry only the eagles that have renewed their strengths and leaped by faith into the ever present wind of Holy Spirit.

“ If thou losest courage in the day of trouble, thy strength is small. Prov.24:10

Let us look at some major ways of preparing ourselves for flights (exploits in the Lord).


Faith is the stamina to walk and work with the Lord. It comes by hearing and hearing the words of God (Rom 10:17). It all begins with the Word of God- the food of Eagles. Same way you cannot stay alive without a physical food can you not be spiritual or survive spiritually without adequate spiritual food- the Word of God. Study it to be approved for a life of exploits.

  • Studying the word of God prepares you for a life of exploits (Dan. 11:32)

  • Mediate the word of God to keep godly perspective of the events of life (Isaiah 55:9).

God’s purpose for mankind supersedes individual plans and purpose for himself (Prov.19:21.).

We need to see the bigger picture if trusting and doing God’s will is our intention.


Commit God to your situation in order to enjoy the victory He alone can offer (Rom 8:31.)

The only thing God cannot do for himself is to praise himself.

  • Thank god regularly for what He has done for you. Be grateful!

  • Praise God for who he is.

While thanking for what he has done for you is capable of taking you through His gate, only praising and worshiping Him for who He is can grant you access into His courts.

Stop focusing on what you don’t have and be thankful for what you’ve already been blessed with. Be grateful. Your altitude is determined by your gratitude.


Take the responsibility to listen for God’s direction, document it and and pursue (Hab. 2:1-2).

  • Fast in faith to prepare you to hear clearly the Lord (Rom.12.12).

  • Pour out your heart to the Lord in prayer of faith (Matt.7:7).

  • Seek His counsel in every situation. After talking to the Lord, wait to hear from Him.

  • Whatever promise of God you are claiming, pursue it in faith. Take a step today!

Pursuits begins with seeking the face of the Lord but is not complete until you follow His instruction. Pursuit is about changing situation and things by aligning ourselves with the purpose of the Creator. Prayer is not a one way demand tool to pour out our hearts to Him but is rather a spiritual demand and supply tool created by God to have intimate relationship with us. Do not just talk or pray to God, also wait for God’s response and direction.

Then follow by faith His direction. That is pursuit. Faith without work is dead.


It is not what you start that brings you success in life but what you end. It is endurance that makes the difference between successful people and failures. God is the Lord of the end.

All His promises come to pass, only at the end (Hab. 2.3.)

  • Regardless of passed mistakes and failures, keep moving forward.

  • The winning tip is never to give up. Just rise up after any fall.

Winners in the kingdom of God are finishers.

New opportunities to grow and serve are always emerging, new every morning.

Never be contented with the blessing or failure of yesterday. Persist (Philip. 3:13-14.)


Patience is a proof of human faithfulness to the ever faithful God (Hab. 2:4.)

  • It is the persistent pursuits of your goal without losing hope.

  • It is lack of faith in God that make people lose to impatience.

  • It is patience that guarantees complete harvest and reward.

Patience is about trusting God’s time than your expected time.

God makes all things beautiful in His own time.

Every vision God gives you is for an appointed time. It is already hastening towards the end. Though it seems to be late, patiently wait for it, it will not fail (Hab.2:3b).

The righteous person will live by his faithfulness (Hab.2:4b).


Proclamation is about declaring the Lordship of God over all circumstances by praising Him for all His promises even before seeing them. Proclamation is the highest epitome of praise.

There is no greater way to demonstrate our trust in God and glorify His name than by offering Him the highest praise possible in faith. No wonder that:

  • God cannot resist our praise. He lives inside it (Psalm 22.3.)

  • Satan cannot withstand praise. It destroys every satanic resistance (1 Sam.16: 14-23)

High praise was what Abraham offered God twenty five years after continuing to wait upon the Lord with nothing to show for his faith. The lesson learnt here is not to take any delay for denial.

Abraham simply hoped against hope and rested all his hope in the Lord. Case closed.

Abraham chose to glorify God when there was nothing to show for his faith.

That was a crazy, abnormal, highly provocative doubt-free praise.

He received by faith rather than sight and proclaimed God’s faithfulness by praise!


At the peak of his trial, Abraham chose to move from thanksgiving and normal praise to glorify God, with high praise. I could imagine him prostrating and rolling on the floor with sadness and joy. Sadness from frustration but joy from His knowledge of God - The Lord that cannot fail!

Though you have not received what you are believing God for, can you already praise Him?

After you have done all you know to do and things still seem not to work, can you turn your expectation to proclamation by offering God the highest praise possible?

No wonder Jesus said, “blessed be those who, though have not seen yet believed (John 20:29).”

Abraham glorified God in his hours of need. He chose not to waver through unbelief but rather to glorify God. To glorify is to praise or honor something or someone to an extreme degree.

Can you imagine making a public proclamation to glorify, celebrate and honor God even when you are yet to receive your expectation? Public proclamation worked for Abraham!

It is meant to work for us too (Rom. 4:19-24; Heb 11:6.)

When last did you give God the highest praise possible?

Don’t just wait and waste. Convert your waiting season to a fertilizer season (of praise).

Begin to offer God high praise while you are still waiting.

Proclamation is a sure road to elevation.

The Blessing of Waiting (Isaiah 30:18)

Waiting time is not a wasted time. Our waiting time is God’s working time.

Between the time of waiting and manifestation, God uses our situation, challenges and oppositions to build, improve and prepare us for our purpose, promise and palace.

Waiting for God permits God’s perfect plan to be fulfilled in our situation so that He can bless us.

Most of the Bible heroes - Abraham, Job, Joseph, Moses, David — had to wait for many years for God’s promises' to come to pass in their lives. By the time He enthroned them, they were well cultivated and blessed beyond measure. You are next for the next level. can you wait?

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