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At creation, God passed a verdict concerning all His creatures: very good.

That statement includes you. God’s plan for every man is to live in perfection.

However, what is obtainable is dependent on individual’s ability to know, understand and apply the word of God in personal life. We all have equal responsibility to claim God’s provision for our lives within our allocated time. Time remains the most valuable commodity in life.

That is why having sense of destiny remains the secret behind life of every great person.


In this book, Pastor Osoko Solomon says: “Though it is your right to enjoy colourful existence, life is however what you make it by the grace of God. Stop trading your life for what is valueless. Cease to conform to this world by renewing your mind today with the transforming words of God.” Today is just the first day of the remaining days of your life. Is there any dream you hope to fulfil? Wake up and make the best of it. May you not miss your hour!

40 Triumphant Thoughts

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