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Avoid the deadly trap of religion!

Many people have confused being religious to being a Christian.

Nothing could be far from truth than that. The fact is; attending Church regularly, belonging to a Church ministry and doing good deeds alone do not make you a Christian nor would they take you to heaven. You begin to live a victorious life of a genuine Christian only when you avail yourself of the redemptive blessing in the sacrificial death of Jesus and consciously live your life according to the will of God.

Remember that it is not all that say unto Him, “Lord, Lord” that shall see the kingdom of God but those that do the will of the heavenly Father.


This scriptural book is filled with insightful revelations and in-depth faith nurturing instructions. Inside it, Pastor Osoko Solomon leads fresh and old believers alike through a faith journey that is bound to arouse deep intimacy with God.


This powerful book, spiced with practical faith exercise at the end of every chapter, is sure to help you take the full step of faith in to your covenant inheritance in God.

Born Again To Win

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