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Anyone can be a dad, but it takes a real man to be a father.

That is because being a father is more than being a sperm donor.

It is a great responsibility that requires dedicating time to raise children.

The influence of a father in a child's development surpasses almost every other influence in this world.

Just being physically present, however,  isn't enough to be a good father.

What is essential is that a father makes a daily commitment to the raising and training of a child.


Pastor Solomon Osoko says in this book that:

A father’s main purpose is to role model God to his children. The greatest problem of this generation is the disconnection of earthly fathers from their heavenly Father. The scary question is that, “If you are not connected to your heavenly Father, how on earth can you role model Him effectively to your children?”

How can you give to your children a fatherly love that you do not have?

Only a godly father can make having relationship with God very easy and attractive to his children.

This book details how any father can accomplish that mission.

Fatherhood: Role Modelling God on Earth

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