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Fulfilment of your destiny is not automatic. It is a product of discovery backed up with conscious efforts constantly exercised till your purpose is fulfilled. Ignorance of that truth will rob you of your sure destiny in the Lord. The scriptural explanation for human problems is ignorance!» This book will go beyond helping you to locate and fulfil your destiny to establishing your feet on the part of divine fulfilment.

You will also discover:

• 4 steps to fulfilling your destiny

• 5 steps to fulfilling divine purpose

• 6 stages of life

• 12 kingdom keys to keep your heaven open

Each time man returns to full fellowship with the Lord, God restores him back to a stage of dominion originally intended for mankind before the fall of Adam. This book will challenge you to aspire beyond personal accomplishment, selfish interests and material gratification to reach the stage of offering selfless service to God and mankind. At that level, your destiny reaches the peak of its fulfilment being aligned with the complete will of God.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

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